The kids in the block, Sandbox like Roblox


This article focuses on the rise of gaming worldwide and particularly a type of gaming that includes kids, ownership and the ability to build your own worlds and monetize them. Enter Roblox & Sandbox, two faces of the same coin. Worthy to note that both games resembled aesthetically Minecraft, a huge commercial success.


This is a company that at the time of writing is ready to IPO and everyone is talking about it. Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. Users on social media and Reddit are reporting that their kids can’t get unstuck from playing and it’s extremely addictive and it drains the credit cards of the parents. All wonderful if you are not a parent! Another important thing is that Roblox has pre-sold Robux, the in-game virtual currency before it’s IPO, this is a first. Ownership and virtual currencies are not new, many games focus around this monetization model to the extent that some of them completely ditched the initial buying price so they can lure players in the game and start spending big. The projected IPO size is $1Bln with a valuation of $8Bln (keep this in mind for later). This is subject to change, we will know soon. For all it’s worth, we are bullish and will buy in as soon as it hits the exchanges.


The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain. This does sound a bit obscure and they could make the description better but in essence, it’s a Roblox on the blockchain. You can build your own worlds and people can come and play. You also have land ownership and auctions much like the real world. The in-game currency instead of Robux is called Sand and you can buy it from major exchanges like Binance. Sand became available through Binance’s launchpad which kickstarts projects their research team likes. It became an instant success but as all initial offerings it became oversold. This is usually because teams maximize news and output just before the launch and then there is a period of inactivity until the next major milestone. This is a great buying and accumulation period. Now remember Roblox’s valuation? OK this one comes at $22Mln, that’s 400x less or if you like the glass half-full, 400X moonshot opportunity. Now let’s be real, in no way that game can become quickly as popular as Roblox that has already 31Mln active users, but you get my point. Last mention, Sandbox has a cooperation with Atari which is becoming more and more interested in blockchain tech.


We are buying them both!

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Originally published at on November 22, 2020.

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Newsletter and blog about macroeconomics, stock market, real estate, alternative asset classes and cryptocurrencies.

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